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Stock photos of fall foliage

Fall foliage stock photo in autumn with autumn leaves of beech in Europe.

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Fall foliage and autumn pictures

The changing colors of the foliage in fall are due to chemical processes in the leaves. During the whole summer the green leaves are green because of the content of chlorophyll.

Besides the chlorophyll the leaves have two other kinds of colorful color pigments: the caratenoids and the anthocyanins. The caratenoids are yellow, orange or brown. The anthocyanins are red.

See the instructional video : "Maine's Autumn Magic: How Leaves Reveal Their Fall Colors" (You need Flash player installed) from Maine's Official Fall Foliage Website.

Maine is the most heavily forested state in USA and 40 differenct species of native trees combine to give the most spectacular sightings of autumn colors. The fall foliage is the target of lost of turistic tours and tour operators.


The Foliage Network can give you updated information about the situation around USA about how far the change of colors in the fall foliage is at a given location.
At The Foliage Network´s home page they write about their way of spotting the situation of fall foilage: "The Foliage Network was developed to provide accurate foliage information for various locations across the United States.
During the months of September, October, and November, The Foliage Network collects data from our foliage spotters twice a week. This data is collected, plotted, and analyzed by The Foliage Network.
The end result is The Foliage Network Report which is transmitted to newspapers, television stations, and web sites. The Foliage Report uses actual data unlike other "reports" which use annual averages. Please check your local newspaper to see the latest report." The Foliage Network